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The Road to the grandest stage of them all…….WrestleMania begins, the question that has been bugging us all is what matches will be on the card against what matches we would like to see. In this article we will focus on predictions that we would like to see occur on the road to Mania.

We already know that Reigns and HHH is likely to happen in Texas, so what I would like to see happening this feud on the road to WrestleMania is, Reigns is now champion and a heel turn is unlikely to take place now Reigns should be pretty dominant on both RAW and Smackdown, on the last RAW and Smackdown before Rumble, Reigns should be attacked by The League of Nations (Rusev/ Sheamus) at the end of Roman’s match .

At first it is a one on one post match fight between Sheamus and Reigns, Reigns has the upper hand as he spears Sheamus on the outside, he is then about to power bomb Sheamus though the announcers table but, Rusev runs down and stops Reigns before he can end Sheamus. Both Sheamus and Rusev then proceed to beat down Reigns. Roman manages to fight back looks like he is about to fend off the attack from The League of Nations, but the numbers gain as Del Rio Joins the fray and helps  Reigns.

*I will link Swagger vs Del Rio later on*

As Del Rio and Swagger brawl through the crowd, it leaves just Reigns to fend off Rusev and Sheamus, he then Superman Punches Rusev knocking him out, Stephanie McMahon then comes down with a mic in hand and tells Reigns that enough is enough as Reigns now holding a chair has battered Sheamus with it. Stephanie then stands right in front of Reigns’ face as if to say you aren’t going to do anything to me.

 As Reigns nods as if to say true, but that doesn’t mean I can’t finish off Sheamus who has gotten to his feet, Reigns pushes Stephanie aside and runs at Sheamus to spear him but boom Sheamus brogue kicks him, taking Roman down. 

Leaving Reigns laid out on the floor, Stephanie then says oh Reigns on more thing, at the Royal Rumble you will be facing Sheamus, Rusev and Del Rio in a six man tag match, now go and find yourself partners.

So The Royal Rumble comes, and its a six man tag match The League of Nations (Sheamus, Del Rio and Rusev) vs Reigns, Swagger and Cena. The League win the match, after Wade Barrett makes a surprise return and distracts Reigns long enough to be taken down by Rusev and put in the Accolade but he doesn't tap he just passes out.

As Reigns struggles to get to his feet, HHH appears on the entrance ramp and says you think your slippery slope is over? and laughs then leaves.

on the build up to Fast Lane  Reigns is constantly jumped by The League of Nations. it is announced that it will be Sheamus vs Romans Reigns for the title in the main event. Fast Lane comes and Reigns is about to win the title when the Referee gets knocked down HHH rushes down, low blows Reigns after Reigns corners him after a failed Sledgehammer attack.

Sheamus then grabs him, HHH accidentally blasts Sheamus with the sledgehammer and causes a DQ win for Reigns and Reigns retains the title, he then stares HHH in the face and says you really want me to join you that badly then spears Sheamus before leaving the ring.
The RAW after Fast Lane, Reigns calls out HHH, and cuts a promos saying if you don't want me as champion, you have set The League of Nations on me, you cost me the title at TLC, I won the title now you don't want it on me, why don't you be a man, grow a pair and be the one to take the title from me.

Vince appears and says Reigns you want to face Hunter in Texas? Then here are the terms if you can beat The League of Nations in gauntlet match then you will get your wish, but if you lose just one, just one, then you won’t get your wish.

Reigns wins 2/3, and receives a beat down by all three members. HHH then walks down to the ring, and yells for the three to get Reigns to his feet, grabs a mic and says you failed, you couldn't get the job done guess you didn't want it that bad after all. Then is about to leave then he turns around and says screw it I will face you anyway, you can have your wish. A McMahon never back down from a fight.

Low Blows Reigns, Pedigrees him, gets the contract signs it,  then forces Reigns to sign it then leaves the ring, RAW ends.

The Tag titles is another interesting one. The Lucha Dragons are rumoured to be the next in line to get the tag titles. At the Rumble both Kalisto and Sin Cara are in the match, but get eliminated early, but on RAW and Smackdown they  win a number one contenders battle royal to face The New Day at Fast Lane.

The Lucha Dragons, which The Lucha Dragons win, dethroning The New Day,  its about a 3.5/5 star match, Kalisto wins the title for the team after it looked like The New Day was going to retain the titles,Xavier Woods gets ejected from ring side which levels the playing field, after Woods gets ejected The Lucha Dragons get all the momentum they need to win the match  Kalisto and Sin Cara take out BIG E and Kalisto hits the Salida del Sol on Kingston for the win.

On The RAW after Fast Lane, The New Day receive a rematch but once again are unable to recapture the titles. A Ladder match for the number one contenders is announced for Mania and qualifying matches are set up  here are the teams

The New Day, The Usos, Enzo and Cass, Dawson and Wilder, Dreamer and Rhyno, Harper and Rowan, The Vaudevillians, Prime Time players,  The Cosmic Wasteland (Konor and Viktor) and Ziggler and Breeze (The NEW Hollywood Blondes) . Ten teams,  The Usos defeat The Cosmic Wasteland, The New Day are defeated by The Prime Time Players, Dawson and Wilder beat  The Vaudevillians, The NEW Hollywood Blondes beat Enzo and Cass and Dream and Rhyno lose to Harper and Rowan.

So the ladder match is set for mania. The numbers one contenders match will happen on the pre-show of WrestleMania The Usos vs The Prime Time Players vs Dawson and Wilder vs Harper and Rowan vs The NEW Hollywood Blondes.

Another curious one is will The Undertaker at mania, Lesnar feud is over. The match that was rumoured is Sting vs Taker but doubt we will see Sting again. Cena vs Taker would be an exciting match to see.

I’m not sure what I would like to see happen in the build up with these two, but would be interesting to possibly see a Cena  tease a heel turn and just disrespect The Deadman and vow to beat Taker on his last ride.

Del Rio vs Swagger they should keep this feud going, hopefully it won’t be a one and done match, meaning TLC being the only time they face,  they should have a match for the United States title at Mania,  in the build up to rumble, Swagger is brawling with Del Rio through the crowd after Swagger helps Reigns out by brawling with Del Rio so at the Rumble have Swagger come and attack Del Rio early on in  Del Rio’s six man tag match, leading to a match at fast lane for the US title at Fast Lane in which Del Rio gets a  unclean victory over Swagger.

Swagger then gets involved in Del Rio’s match forcing Del Rio to give him one more shot at the title,  and challenges him to a match at Mania, which Del Rio refuses to begin with but after Swagger attacks Del Rio at the end of one of his matches, wrapping his leg around the ring post and locking in the ankle lock until Del Rio agrees to face him.

Who will win the Rumble and main event WrestleMania?

Who is going to win the Royal Rumble and headline WrestleMania 32? In this article we will analyse who the possible winner of the 2016 rumble could be.

Who could win the 2016 Royal Rumble?  Who would be the last superstar remaining in the squared circle when it is all said and done? Who would be left standing when the bodies have hit the floor and the dust has settled? Who will be the holder of not only a title opportunity but an opportunity to headline the stage of the immortals…….WRESTLEMANIA!

With injuries hitting big names in the WWE, Seth Rollins out with a knee injury, Orton out with a shoulder injury, Bryan with a concussion and we may never see again as his career could be over and Cesaro out with a shoulder injury as well. This leaves the door open for anyone to win the rumble.

We have Bray Wyatt, The New Face of  Fear. Although, he hasn’t had much luck when it has come to facing the big names in the company  as he loses most of his feuds. He is still one of best heels in the company, through his creepy entrance, his mic skills that are right up there with the best of them. I personally would say he is the second best on the mic after CM Punk.

Wyatt has done well for himself regardless of the fact he has yet to win a championship in the WWE has has still managed to have some memorable matches such as The Wyatt Family vs The Shield  at the Elimination Chamber in 2014, his feud with The Undertaker that ended at WrestleMania 31, which excited the WWE Universe; The Deadman vs The New Face of Fear to name a couple of his feuds that he has been involved in.

He could be a possibility to win the rumble match.

‘The Tom Brady of Professional Wrestling’ ‘Big Match’ John is set to make his return to the WWE at the Royal Rumble, he could be a surprise entrant into the rumble. He might be looking at recapturing the United States Championship, oooooor  he could be put back into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture as he is going to tie/ break Ric Flair’s record of being a 16 time World Champion.

As John Cena is the golden boy of the company WWE might book him back into the title picture seeing as Reigns is likely to face HHH at mania so we could see a possible title drop from Reigns on the road to WrestleMania I predict at Fastlane that Reigns will lose the title due to The Authority shenanigans.

Another possibility for a rumble winner is, Brock Lesnar. The Beast Incarnate hasn’t appeared in the WWE main show or Pay-Per-View since Hell In A Cell and his epic battle with The Undertaker. Brock has appeared on a house show facing Del Rio for the United States Championship  that ended in a disqualification win for Lesnar.

One of the possible matches for Mania is to see Brock Lesnar  to face Kevin Owens, which could make for a good match if the WWE can book it right. So this could leave Lesnar out of  the running to win the rumble should Owens vs Lesnar go ahead and actually take place.

‘The Lunatic Fringe’  Dean Ambrose I could see being a superstar who could emerge victorious at the rumble. I know he is the current Intercontinental Champion and that could  halt his chances of  headlining the grandest stage of them all, as he is most likely going to defend the title in either a singles match or in a ladder match. 

Ambrose has been on a bit of a win of late. Winning the Intercontinental Championship at TLC from Kevin Owens,  then defeated Sheamus in a cage match on RAW, he has always had the lose cannon aspect  to his persona ever since The Shield,  As he is unpredictable with his motives it could lead to Ambrose doing well in the rumble as he is always the wild card.

Although the list of superstars I have chosen I would put my money on Cena winning the rumble, returning as a “suprise” entrant and hopefully not entering at number 30 this time and entering somewhere in the mid 20s and winning the match.

It could be a superstar who I haven’t mentioned could win the rumble  as the Royal Rumble is full of surprises.

With Cena now injured and likely to miss WrestleMania 32 in Texas. We could see another Roman Reigns victory in the Rumble or Kevin Owens could be a surprise winner along with the return of Y2J Chris Jericho.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Ziggler + Breeze = The New Hollywood Blondes: Fantasy Booking

In this article we will focus on a fantasy booking, if Tyler Breeze and Dolph Ziggler teamed up and formed The NEW Hollywood Blondes. We will be analysing Breeze and his debut onto the main roster from NXT to his brief rivalry with Ziggler, then we will analyse Ziggler’s current role in the WWE before concluding with the fantasy booking.

From May 25th 2015 Dolph Ziggler has been engaging in various feuds and storylines. Starting with his feud with ‘The Bulgarian Brute’ Rusev, what ignited the feud was Rusev’s lust to get Lana back while in the midst of this Lana and Dolph were having an on-screen relationship.

With Lana  aligning herself with Ziggler and became his valet.  Ziggler’s character was changed ever so slightly he still kept the whole ‘Show-off’ gimmick with the new addition of he was seen spotting an 80s Glam Rock attire such as Denim sleeveless jackets, bandanas and patches like those you have seen worn by bands such as Motley Crue, Poison and  Def Leopard. 

Ziggler and Lana carried on their on-screen relationship which eventually resulted in a couple of matches between Ziggler and Rusev. The first match between the two was at the Summerslam Pay-Per-View  which ended in a double count out, as Lana and Rusev’s new valet Summer Rae got involved. A rematch at Night of Champions took place this time we saw Ziggler emerging as the victor.

The feud came to an end when in October the celebrity news website TMZ  reported that both Rusev and Lana who were a real life item had become engaged.

Ziggler’s next feud was with Tyler Breeze who was the newest superstar to come from NXT to the main roster. Both Ziggler and Breeze appeared on the  MIZ TV segment of the October 22nd episode of Smackdown which saw Breeze who had now acquired Summer Rae as his valet attack Ziggler. Ziggler then went onto enter the tournament to crown the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion but lost to Ambrose in the second round.

He then picked up his rivalry with Breeze and the two went one on one at Survivor Series, in which he was unsuccessful. He then had a rematch against Breeze on RAW but this time he was able to get the win.

Ziggler won the final encounter between the two on Smackdown thus closing the feud.

*Now to take a look at Tyler Breeze*

‘Prince Pretty’, ‘The Sultan of Selfies’ Tyler Breeze, burst onto the main roster selfie stick and all made his debut on Smackdown on the MIZ TV segment aligning himself with Summer Rae and attacking Dolph Ziggler.  He then made his in-ring debut facing Dean Ambrose in the first round to crown a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion in a losing effort.

After his feud with Dolph Ziggler ended  he faced off against Neville where the two traded wins and losses against one another. Before Breeze went on to feud with the return of  ‘The Bizarre One’  Goldust, after a distraction cost Breeze his match against Titus O’Neil  he got a match against Goldust and came out victorious. Breeze and Summer Rae decided to go separate ways brining an end to Rae serving as Tyler’ valet.

*How I would book Breeze and Ziggler*

Breeze is already displayed as a heel  once his feud with Goldust comes to an end as I don’t see  those two facing off one on one at any Pay-Per-Views .  I also don’t see much happening for either Ziggler or Breeze as singles competitors. I would have Ziggler and Breeze appear in some back stage segments even while Breeze is feuding with Goldust. 

Ziggler would begin to appear in some of Tyler’s matches joining the commentary team, or joining him in the ring after matches, at first he would accompany Breeze to the ring and tease a heel turn.  by distracting opponents and in his own matches using more of an aggressive in-ring style of wrestling, and using slightly underhanded tactics to pick up victories.

Breeze and Ziggler would begin to team together as well in the odd tag team match, and would show a good ability of working as a team and would catch the eye of the WWE Universe and the tag team division. As time goes on, they would do both singles and tag matches as they would always accompany the other to their match and the two would always attack their opponent at the end.

Tyler and Dolph  would take some time off from television in order to be repacked as a tag team and to pay homage to Stone Cold and Brian Pillman, and seeing as they both have bleach blonde hair, the creative team would repack  the duo as The NEW Hollywood Blondes. They would have their debut match as an official tag team against  The Usos, the Usos would win by disqualification  as Ziggler would use a chair shot to save Breeze who was about to be pinned.

*I feel putting these two as a tag team would help both Ziggler and Breeze as they are wasted as singles wrestler and with the lack of heel tag teams in comparison to face tag teams in the main roster, it would be a perfect  time to introduce a new heel tag team into the mix.*

After properly establishing the team as a heel team. They would not go after the titles just yet, but instead go for dominance and attack teams like The Lucha Dragons, The New Day and The Usos. After gaining their first win as a tag team, in a dominant win over the newly repacked Los Matadores (whatever their new tag gimmick would be). 

The Royal Rumble around the corner the two would enter the qualifying matches to gain entry to the rumble, both are victorious in their matches. During the rumble Dolph has drawn number 6 and Breeze has drawn number 12. So six number difference meaning that Ziggler would have to survive 6 other superstars before Breeze enters, he manages to hold on  and together Ziggler and Breeze work as a tag team and manage to get two eliminations  before being eliminated themselves  by Mark Henry.

Although they were unsuccessful in winning the rumble match. The two would continue to be quite a force in the tag team division, getting a  victory over The Lucha Dragons.

They would then go onto feud with The Lucha Dragons  on RAW and Smackdown beating them on both occasions. After victory number two over The Lucha Dragons, they would then cut a promo saying the tag teams out there better take notice, as they aren’t ready for The NEW Hollywood Blondes.

At Fast Lane The New Hollywood Blondes face off against  The Primetime Players in a winning effort after a double super kick to Daren Young to get the victory.

On the RAW after Fast Lane, The New Day receive a rematch but once again are unable to recapture the titles. A Ladder match for the number one contenders is announced for Mania and qualifying matches are set up  here are the teams;

The New Day, The Usos, Enzo and Cass, Dawson and Wilder, Dreamer and Rhyno, Harper and Rowan, The Vaudevillians, Prime Time players,  The Cosmic Wasteland (Konor and Viktor) and Ziggler and Breeze (The NEW Hollywood Blondes) . Ten teams,  The Usos defeat The Cosmic Wasteland, The New Day are defeated by The Prime Time Players, Dawson and Wilder beat  The Vaudevillians, The NEW Hollywood Blondes beat Enzo and Cass and Dream and Rhyno lose to Harper and Rowan.

So the ladder match is set for mania. The numbers one contenders match will happen on the pre-show of WrestleMania The Usos vs The Prime Time Players vs Dawson and Wilder vs Harper and Rowan vs The NEW Hollywood Blondes.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Who is the NXT Big Thing In WWE?


Who is the Next Big Thing to come out of NXT? In this article we will be focusing on who we think will be the Next biggest star to come out of NXT and hit the main roster.

By David Travers

NXT is the developmental territory  for the WWE, and have produced without a doubt the best matches in the WWE, as the main roster have been slacking for some time. NXT on the other hand have just been rising up and up with stars such as Baron Corbin, Finn Balor, Jordan and Gable and Dasher and Wilder to name a few to those that have progressed onto the main roster; The Lucha Dragons, Kevin Owens ,Tyler Breeze, The Ascension and Neville.
But who will the the next star in the rough to shine through to the other side and make and impact on the main roster?  As those who have progressed are either now receiving pushes or have fallen out of the main picture. Such as The Ascension one time NXT tag champs, came onto the scene debuting on RAW on December 29th against The Miz and Damien Mizdow in a successful first match on the main roster.
They then established themselves as a heel team as they compared themselves to that of legendary tag teams such as  The Road Warriors, The House of Pain and Demolition.  To which they resemble due to their wasteland like gimmick and power house wrestling styles.
They then had a confrontation with the likes of APA (Bradshaw and Faarooq), NWO (Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, X-Pac) and New Age Outlaws  (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) this resulted in The Ascension reviving a beat down from the legends for their troubles.
They then faced New Age Outlaws in a tag match at the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View in which they emerged victorious.
They formed a stable with Stardust be called The Cosmic Wasteland, The Cosmic Wasteland team with Bo Dallas and The Miz in a  loss at the Survivor Series Pay-Per- View  against the team of The Dudley Boyz, Neville, Titus O’Neil and the returning Goldust.
They then returned to NXT, where they lost their first match back to Jordan and Gable.
Tyler Breeze  is the newest superstar from NXT to appear on the main roster. He debuted on October 22nd Monday Night RAW on the MIZ TV segment attacking Dolph Ziggler and gaining Summer Rae as a valet.  His first in ring debut came against Dean Ambrose  in the first round of the tournament to crown as new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Breeze lost to Ambrose in the first round. In November Breeze began to feud with Dolph Ziggler who was looking for a bit of revenge after Breeze attack him back in October.
The two faced off at the Survivor Series  Pay-Per-View in which Breeze was the victor, but Breeze would lose the re match to Ziggler.
*Breeze and Ziggler should form a heel tag team, The NEW Hollywood Blondes, but I will save that for another article.*
The man that gravity forgot, flew into the WWE on Monday Night Raw on March 30th 2015 against Curtis Axel in a winning effort. The following week he faced then WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, Although Neville put up a valiant effort due to interference from J&J Security (Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury)  and lost the match.
He then made his first Pay-Per-View appearance on the main roster  on the pre-show of the Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View where he defeated Bad News Barrett. He would face Barrett again but then time on the WWE Network this time coming up short in the finals of the 2015 King Of The Ring tournament.
Neville received another championship opportunity as he answered John Cena’s United States Championship open challenge  despite being victorious he did not win the championship as Rusev  got involved in the match and caused Neville to win the match by disqualification.
At the Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View he participated in the ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the match was won by Sheamus.
neville owens

On June 8th he accepted and challenged Kevin Owens for his NXT Championship he was unable to win the championship.
December 3rd saw a tease at a Neville heel turn, during his appearance on MIZ TV, The Miz handed Neville a card and informed him if he ever wanted to be champion in the WWE he should give  The Miz a call, Neville held onto the card.
*Will neville turn to the dark side? Will he go from Super Hero to villain?*
Fight Owens Fight! unofficially appeared on Monday Night RAW on May 18th 2015, accepting John Cena’s United States open challenge, establishing himself as a heel in the process by attacking Cena and stamping on the US title. This would create a non title match between Owens and Cena.
Both Cena and Owens held championships at the time (Cena  holding the United States championship and Owens was the current NXT Champion).  The two would go one on one at the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View with Owens coming out on top, cleanly pinning Cena.
The two would face one another again  this time at  Money in the Bank, this time Cena would have his armed raised at the end of the contest, equaling the feud at 1-1. The feud came to an end at Battleground with Cena winning the feud 2-1, emerging the victor via submission.
From then Owens went onto feud with Cesaro who at that point had been receiving a major push and collecting a string of victories. Owens would win the feud beating Cesaro at both Summerslam and on RAW.
After the Cesaro feud had ended Owens would win his first championship since debuting on the main roster, pinning Ryback at Night of Champion on September 20th winning the Intercontinental Championship, which he would hold for 84 days, until dropping the championship to Dean Ambrose at the TLC Pay-Per-View on December 13th.
I feel that out of the five superstars I have mentioned  to make it onto the main roster from NXT, Kevin Owens made more of an impact as he entered a feud with Cena, got a clean victory over the golden boy in his first match and first Pay-Per-View match.
He also bounced back from the two losses to Cena by defeating another superstar who had been receiving a well deserved push in the company in the form of Cesaro, and then captured the Intercontinental Championship, and has been a successful heel since his arrival. Hopefully he won’t drop off since losing the title at TLC.
Neville I feel hasn’t been booked right, yes he has some good wins over the likes of Sheamus and Bad News Barrett and having two good matches with Seth Rollins. Hopefully they will turn him heel as I have a feeling that would be interesting to see.
Breeze, is irrelevant as a singles competitor on the main roster, the best thing for him form The NEW Hollywood Blondes heel tag team with Ziggler and chase the tag titles as he won’t get over anyone as a singles wrestler.
The Ascension have been irrelevant since their arrival. I was personally excited to see them, but they are just L.O.D/ Demolition 2.0. The Cosmic Wasteland stable is best for them, as they have dropped off the radar.
In Conclusion the Next Big thing to come from NXT I feel would be Finn Balor. I don’t see him making it onto the main roster any time soon, I feel he would be the right fit. He has such as massive following  in both the orient and in the UK as he has wrestled for both New Japan Pro Wrestling in Japan and Insane Championship Wrestling in Scotland.
Since his arrival in NXT has wowed the crowds with his demon body paint and his stiff technical wrestling style. But when it comes to the main roster he would help to create good matches,  if he goes on to feud with the likes of Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, Cesaro,  Dean Ambrose and John Cena and he would work well as either a face or a heel as he possess both attributes, but would most likely be booked as a face.

Monday, 21 December 2015

VERDICT: Should Donald Trump Be Fired From The WWE Hall Of Fame?

Donald Trump Hulk Hogan

Should Trump Be Given The Hogan Treatment?

With all the controversy that has been surrounding the WWE in terms of its’ Hall of Famers (Hulk Hogan, ‘Superfly’ Snuka) should the WWE disband Donald Trump from the Hall of Fame amid his controversial political comments?

By David Travers

As we all know the Republican is a fan of the WWE as well as being friends with owner Vince McMahon. He has hosted several WWE WrestleMania events in Trump Plaza and has also he, himself has actively participated in several of WWE’s shows.
In 1991 Trump hosted the World Bodybuilding Federation (WBF) in Atlantic City. We all remember the WBF, another one of Vince McMahon’s failed branch outs.
*So let’s pretend that the WBF never existed for the sake of our sanity.*
Trump appeared at WrestleMania XX (20) and was interviewed by Jesse Ventura. His next appearance in the WWE was at WrestleMania 23 as apart of his storyline feud with Vince McMahon in what was dubbed ‘Battle of the Billionaires.’ In Trump’s corner we has Bobby Lashley and in Vince’s corner we had then Intercontinental Champion Umaga, in what was in my opinion a dull match and pointless feud and storyline. Where the loser would have their head shaved bald.
To add excitement to the match Stone Cold was appointed ‘Special Guest Referee.’ Lashley won the match and we had to sit by and watch Vince try and run away before being forced in the barber’s chair and have his head shaved bald.
In 2013 the 69-year old was inducted into the celebrity win of the WWE Hall of Fame for his contributions to the company from when they were known as WWF to now, and was in attendance for WrestleMania 29.
*Now we turn to his political ventures.*
Trump has been involved in politics for many years such as backing various politicians such as backing Ronald Regan in his early Democratic stage (pre 1962) and Mitt Romney who was a Republican candidate  to become President in 2012.
He has also had more than his fair share of controversy mainly through his political beliefs. He was one of many US citizens who questioned Obama’s US citizenship back in 2011, he questioned everything from his place of birth, his birth certificate  and even his entry grades to Harvard Law School.
Trump declared that he would be running for President  for the 2016 elections. Now this is where the Mic really drops and not in the same way CM Punk would drop the mic when he dropped a Pipe bomb that would leave the crowd going off their nuts, but Trumps would drop the mic that would leave many American’s sitting there in disbelief at what they have just watched.
His comments regarding Muslims and Mexicans leave a bitter taste in your mouth  and wanting to gouge your eyes out. He has stated that his policy on immigration is to get rid of 11 million illegal immigrants, which kind of destroys the whole “land of the free” but then again that was destroyed long ago.
In the USs as of 2014 there are  35,320,579 Mexican Americans living in the US that is 10.94% of the total population of America. but there are 42.1 million Mexican immigrants living in the US as of 2015.
Seeing as how the west coast  have a large hispanic population due to it being so close to the gulf and the Mexican boarder  places such as California have 38.1% of California’s state population and are beginning to become the dominant race in the state.
Another one of Trumps outrageous and jaw dropping comments is that regarding the whole ISIS situation, and he is proposing that the US should ban Muslims from entering the country and I quote this is his reason “until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”
*Right, well done MR. Trump that is a completely valid reason for banning Muslims.*
To conclude this article. Seeing as how the WWE have cut ties with Hulk Hogan surrounding the n word being mentioned in an interview on the question about his daughter dating a black man.
But seeing as they have kicked out two great legends in the business, it would be awful, and a great injustice that would cause many WWE fans to uproar  if WWE chose not to kick Donald Trump out of the Hall of Fame, I mean if they are going to kick two legends out for a mistake they have made and choose not to kick Trump then there is something greatly wrong.
Vince regardless of who your friend his, if you don’t kick him out then you are either a hypocrite or share his views.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Why A Heel Turn For Roman Reigns Is Best For Business

roman reigns heel

Is a Roman Reigns heel turn best for business? JR certainly thinks so. In this article we will focus on why a heel turn of The Roman Empire is best for business and will benefit Reigns in the long run.

By David Travers – @GuannacoTRAVERS 

On September 8th 2015 Jim Ross responded to a question on what he thought of Roman Reigns, This is how he responded; “I’m a big, @WWERomanReigns fan. Great upside. Ppl need to be patient. Id prefer to see him heel. Great kid.”   
Let’s face it Roman Reigns would make a great heel, this will not only benefit the company but Reigns as well.
Reigns debuted on the main roster along with fellow wrestlers Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins as apart of the stable The Shield back in 2012 at the Survivor Series Pay-Per-View interfering in the WWE Championship match between CM Punk, John Cena and Ryback. Originally “guns for hire” for CM Punk although claimed they had nothing to do with him or Punk’s then manager Paul Heyman.
The group would attack enemies of CM Punk such as The Miz, Randy Orton and then Tag Team Champions, Team Hell No (Kane and Daniel Bryan) to name but a few.
The group aided Punk in retaining the WWE Championship against The Rock but, their assistance caused for a restart of the match, and The Rock this time was able to win the championship.
Within The Shield, Reigns was described as the power house of the group displaying great strength and athleticism but was later change to that of a  extremely confident  person who displayed leadership within the trio while still maintaining his hard hitting athleticism as one of his characteristics.
After a run of The Shield being on top with all three members capturing titles, Ambrose winning the United States Championship and Rollins and Reigns holding the tag titles. A chink in the armour of the Hounds of Justice began to show as Ambrose began to show cockiness after Reigns and Rollins dropped the tag titles to The Rhodes Brothers (Goldust and Cody Rhodes) leaving Ambrose as the only member to still be in possession of gold.
*This was somewhat similar to what The Dudley Boyz went through when Spike Dudley called himself The Boss as he was the only Dudley to have a championship as he was then the Cruiserweight Champion. *
They then showed signs of lack of coordination in their matches as they lost a handicap match to CM Punk whom The Shield had previously attacked after they had becomes “guns for hire” for HHH.
The group appeared to have patched up their differences as they engaged in a feud with The Wyatt Family who cost The Shield a chance to enter the Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship, as The Wyatts caused Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins to be  disqualified in their six man tag match against Daniel Bryan, Sheamus and John Cena.
The company’s biggest heel stables squared off for the first time at the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View in what I would call one of if not THE best matches of 2014. Despite The Shield losing the match, after The Wyatts were able to use the numbers to overwhelm Rollins and Reigns after Ambrose had been taken out by Bray after the two brawled in the crowd. The Shield were the group the crowd were suppose to cheer for.
The group finally turned face on  the March 17th episode of Raw, as Kane who was had joined HHH’s stable The Authority had  demanded The Shield attack Jerry Lawler but instead was on the one who received the beating at the hands of The Shield.
This worked for The Shield as a collective as they still remained a force in the WWE despite being faces. After disobeying HHH, The Shield then feuded with the reformation of the stable Evolution consisting of HH, Batista and Randy Orton.
The Shield won the feud beating Evolution at two Pay-Per-Views (Extreme Rules and Payback).
The Shield’s dominance came to an end on  June 24th on the post Payback episode of Raw,  as Batista had quit WWE (again)  HHH’s original idea of continuing Evolutions feud with The Shield didn’t happen so he resulted to his “Plan B” which turned out to be Seth Rollins, which lead to Rollins attack both Ambrose and Reigns and siding with HHH.
Reigns then went on a singles run after tagging with Ambrose for the lat time, with John Cena to defeat The Wyatt Family on Raw.
As a singles competitor, Reigns has remained as a face, after numerous chances the WWE have had to turn Reigns heel. Lets look at what’s happened to Reigns where the WWE should have turned him heel.
He hasn’t won  a ladder match at the Pay-Per-View (2014,15); He then lost the Royal Rumble in 2014 to Batista and the crowd booed Batista and all said how Reigns should have won it. Reigns then won the Rumble in 2015 and the crowd booed Reigns winning the match.
*2014 – Cena won the ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship, as WWE play it safe and have “Big Match John” be put over nearly everyone.
2015 – Bray Wyatt returned to the WWE from injury and cost reigns the chance at winning The money in the Bank contract by pushing him off the ladder.
As a result of him winning the Rumble, Reigns was in the main event at WrestleMania 31  where he faced  Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, he was booed again. Rollins having won The Money in the Bank contract making it a triple threat and pinning Reigns to win the title to which stunned the crowd by received cheers.
Despite being in the title picture WWE have never allowed Reigns to win the championship, although he has won the royal rumble  his opportunity was cut short by Rollins cashing in.  Another time he was shot down was when he finally won the World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series defeating Dean Ambrose in the final for the vacant championship. Just when we thought The Roman Empire would finally Reign supreme (See what I did there).
Oh no we were dead WRONG, out comes HHH, after a spear to The Game, we all knew it wasn’t going to end on  a bad note for Reigns. Out of nowhere comes ‘The Celtic Warrior’ Sheamus after a Brogue kick to Roman and a kick out, we thought Reigns might have a chance, after a ducked Brogue kick attempt and a failed Superman Punch and another Brogue kick for good measure. Sheamus was the wrestler leaving  Philips Centre with the World Heavyweight Championship
Now! What the WWE really needs to turn Reigns heel and join The Authority.
*This is how I would book a Roman Reigns heel turn in a brief summary*
  • Lose to Sheamus at TLC
  • Attack time keeper, referees
  • Show more of a mean streak
  • Lose the rumble – final  four
  • go on a rampage; attack referees, doctors, and the winner of the rumble
  • Handicap match at Payback – Reigns vs Rusev and Barrett
  • Challenge HHH at WrestleMania – Win
  • Turn Heel – Join The Authority
Making Reigns heel would be great for the company. What WWE are afraid of is that Roman would be booed as a champion so that is why they chose Sheamus to cash in his contract.  They need to stop playing it safe and do what they see as best for business  and seeing as they would never turn Cena heel as he is too much of a baby face and loved by a younger generation.
Reigns on the other hand, would benefit as a heel as they loved him when he was in The Shield with the whole “hard hitter, power house” who very rarely talked and let his actions do all the talking and was the enforcer and muscle of the trio.
But, now he is just boring as a face as although cheered he is also booed so the WWE Universe would positively react to Reigns turning heel and since Reigns is one of the golden boys in the company and one of the futures of the company by having Reigns turn heel it would boost him a lot more in the company with Rollins out, and the lack of good heels in the company the WWE should see this as an opportunity for Reigns.